Can I Claim For Hit And Run Accident-Related Injuries?

Last year’s traffic statistics have reported roughly 133,000 collisions in Alberta within that year alone, which makes for an average of roughly 380 collisions per day. As a result, a huge portion of Alberta’s citizens have experience with the proceeding of an accident and its aftermath. However, those standard proceedings only apply when all involved parties remain at the scene. But what happens when the other involved party flees and leaves you to deal with the aftermath?

Firstly: do not panic. There is also a standard procedure for such an occurrence. And it is best begun by seeking out personal injury lawyer in Camrose, so you can ensure that you will receive just compensation for your sustained injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund As Source For Compensation

The MVAC (short for Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund) has been brought into existence by the Government of Alberta as a way to support the victims who have been injured in a hit and run. In order to qualify for the claims process of the MVAC, you need to fulfill the following prerequisite:

• You must have sustained a physical injury during the accident
• You must be one of Alberta’s residents, or live in a jurisdiction with a similar program
• You need to have been a victim of a hit and run which took place in Alberta
• The unknown driver who fled must be fully liable for causing the accident, and no other driver was involved beside you two
• You must prove that you tried to find the unknown driver who fled the scene
• No more than 90 days have passed between the accident and the day you reported it to the MVAC, otherwise your claim could be declared invalid
• You must file a lawsuit against the unknown driver, who is noted in default, in order to be entitled to compensation

Compensation payed out by the MVAC is capped at $200,000. This cap remains, even when multiple claimants are involved, in which case the money will be distributed among all injured parties entitled to compensation. The Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund really is no more than a last resort for claimants who have exhausted all other potential matters of obtaining compensation and insurance coverage.

The SEF 44 Family Protection Coverage

Past purchase of the SEF 44 Family Protection Endorsement will provide you with additional coverage, should your losses be higher than $200,000. It has been planned to provide compensation for fatalities or injuries arising from auto accidents when the defendant isn’t insured or doesn’t have adequate insurance cover. If you are unable to get the just compensation or it has been denied, it is time to seek out the services of a lawyer.