Determining The Value of A Personal Injury Claim

Whenever someone sustains injuries in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by the careless or negligent behavior of another person, they often seek the legal advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Most injury victims are concerned about 2 things – ensuring that their rights to fair and reasonable compensation are protected and finding out the value of their case or what it’s worth. In these types of cases, the value of the claim is calculated in terms of “damages” or what the victim’s injuries have cost them financially, mentally, and physically.

Factors taken into Consideration when calculating Damages

When assessing the value of personal injury claims, there are several factors that are taken into consideration such as:

• the cause of your injuries
• the nature and extent of your injuries
• the impact of your injuries on your ability to earn a living and perform your daily activities and tasks

Once your personal injury lawyer in Leduc, has obtained all relevant medical information, they will be better prepared to assess what your claim is worth. They will look at the liability factors of the defendant, collect the evidence and take into considerations all aspects that can help you win big. However, when you hire a lawyer, it is important as the plaintiff to be honest with your lawyer and tell them each detail of the incident. Otherwise, the defendant’s lawyer might rip apart the claim in court and your lawyer will be caught off-guard.

Understanding Compensatory Damages

Most damages in personal injury cases are intended to make the injury victim or plaintiff financially whole again or compensate them for their losses. In other words, this means attempting to place a dollar value on the consequences of the accident and how this has impacted the plaintiff’s quality of life. Some damages such as medical expenses or property damage are easy to quantify. However, for some damages such as a person’s pain and suffering, it is considerably more difficult to place a monetary value on them.

Common Damages in Personal Injury Cases

The following is a breakdown of the more common compensatory damages that are awarded in personal injury cases:

• attendant or nursing care
• emotional or psychological distress
• family member claims (catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases)
• home maintenance and housekeeping service costs
• loss of earning potential
• lost income
• medical treatment expenses (past and estimated future costs)
• pain and suffering
• property loss
• rehabilitation and/or re-training therapy

In order to properly evaluate your claim, the above factors and more must be assessed by a personal injury lawyer. Thus, don’t delay hiring a lawyer after getting the medical care you need after the accident.