Guide To Pedestrian And Motor Vehicle Accidents

Now that winter is on its way and daylight is getting scarcer, poor visibility oftentimes leads to an increase in car-pedestrian accidents. As a driver, you need to be conscious of your surroundings, which include traffic and sidewalks, especially once the sun has set and dark clothed pedestrians are harder to spot.

If you are a pedestrian, you will need to be even more cautious. Upon collisions, you will be the one taking the brunt of the accident. In the dark, you should wear light colors, and if you have children, put them in either jackets with reflective patches and/or stripes, or in a reflective vest. Due to their shortness, they will easily get lost between cars or overlooked if they are dressed in dark colors.While you as a pedestrian often have the right of way, it doesn’t mean the driver will automatically be declared fully liable. On top of this, you also cannot expect all drivers to obey the law. You should always be cautious, even if you do have the right of way, simply for the sake of being safe. Avoiding the risk of being injured or killed should always be your top priority.

Drivers’ Negligence Lead To Injured Pedestrians

Recent statistics show that, in the majority of cases, it was the driver who was to blame for car and pedestrian accidents. More specifically, it was their negligence and inattentiveness. The top eight reasons for pedestrian injuries are:

• distracted driving
• driving above the speed limit
• driving while intoxicated
• disregard for harsh weather conditions
• disobedience of traffic signs and signals
• failure to grant right of way to pedestrians at intersections and crosswalks
• failure to perform a complete stop at stop signs
• failure to come to a halt at a red light before performing a right turn at an intersection

These injuries call for professional representation by personal injury lawyers in Cochrane when you have to file for claims.

A Pedestrian’s Duty In Regards To Traffic Safety

Despite what seems to be common belief, drivers aren’t the only ones responsible for pedestrian’s safety while navigating traffic. The pedestrian’s themselves also carry a responsibility, which is to actively watch out for their own safety. Below, we have provided a list of tips on how to best beware of dangers as a pedestrian:

• take note of traffic speed and flow before crossing the street
• look left and right before crossing the street
• be alert as you cross the street
• wear a bright or reflective jacket in the dark

These key features will help you stay safe and help avoid injuries. But if you are still hurt due to an accident, hire the services of an injury lawyer in Alberta.