Guide To The Section B No Fault Benefits of Alberta Personal Injury Law

Regardless of whether you are found liable for causing an accident or not, if you have sustained a personal injury during a motor vehicle collision, then you may be eligible to receive section B disability and medical benefits, which are better known as no fault benefits. Unfortunately, insurance companies will try their best to stop making payments to the recipient of these benefits in order to safe money.

By hiring the right lawyer, you will be able to not just have support in building your main personal injury claim against the negligent party, but you will also have a qualified person with the necessary experience to ensure that you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to.

The Basics of Accident Benefits

When we are talking about accident benefits in general, we are looking at a maximum of $50,000 which is paid to the claimant for a maximum of two years. However, this is an amount that is only paid in very, very select cases and also counts as secondary insurance which makes it inaccessible to the vast majority of claimants.

Secondary insurance means that the claimant must have already accessed another source of insurance, such as the insurance through their employer, before they can access Section B benefits. The exception to this rule falls within the initial ninety days post-accident. During this time, if you have sustained WAD 1 or WAD 2 injuries, you will be eligible to undertake eleven or twenty-one visits which are directly billed and payable by the insurer who provides the section B benefits. Additionally, strains and sprains will always fall under the authority of the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols Regulations.

After the initial ninety-day period has run out, or your eleven or twenty-one visits have run out, you will still have limited access to further paid treatments. Specifically, you will be able to receive $750 for treatments performed by a chiropractor, or $250 for acupuncture therapy or massage therapy. Physiotherapy on the other hand is without monetary limitations.

Once twenty-one days or your number of visits has expired, your insurance company will no longer be required to direct bill your treatments. It should also be noted that there is no mandatory direct billing in the case of WAD 3 or WAD 4 injuries despite their serious nature. If your injuries are severe enough to fall into either of these categories, you will need to pay for them yourself and await reimbursements. Additionally, you can call on a personal injury lawyer in Leduc to assist you with the whole process. They have helped numerous accident victims and will be able to help you with your injuries.