Liability In Taxi Cab Related Accidents

With thousands of people using taxi cabs to get around on the daily, there are, logically, also a lot of accidents which involve passenger filled taxis. Should this ever happen to you, and you have been injured, there may come a time soon after the collision in which you wonder what will happen in regards to your compensation. Will the cab driver be held responsible? Should you sue their company? Below, we will give you some background knowledge on cab drivers, together with a guide on which steps to take in order to receive the compensation you are entitled to in the event of a collision.

How to Become A Cab Driver

Since taxi cabs are used a method of transportation for the citizens, the driver will need to be licensed by the city and fall under the regulations of the local municipal government. Under these regulations generally fall the following requirements:

• a valid driver’s license
• the driver needs to be of age (18 or older)
• the submission of a driving record of the last three years
• a background check into a potential criminal record
• photo identification through passport or driver’s license

Today, a cab driver’s license is no longer referred to as such, but rather as a vehicle for hire license.

Different Types of Taxi Cab Accidents

Cab drivers have the same responsibilities as other drivers when it comes to obeying the traffic laws and providing the general duty of care in regards to staying alert of other vehicles, hazards, and pedestrians to avoid collision. If, or rather when, taxi cab accidents occur, they are usually the result of negligent behavior, whether it be at the hands of the cab driver themselves, or another vehicle’s driver. As the taxi cab’s passenger, you are then entitled to file a claim against the negligent driver in order to receive compensation for your sustained injuries.

If the cab driver was fully responsible, you as the injured passenger are legally allowed to sue them for compensation. However, if they were only partially responsible, i.e. they were speeding and another vehicle T-boned the cab after running a red light, you can file a claim against both drivers.

First Steps Following the Accident

Contact the police as soon as possible. If you have been injured, call for medical attention right away. And after that it is important to call on a personal injury lawyer in Cochrane. They understand the intricacies of tort law and how to help you get compensation from the defendant. Whether it is about out of court settlement or trial, they will take care of it.