Main Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Even the most careful of drivers always put themselves at risk of being involved in a car collision every time they get behind the wheel. This is because accidents can be the result of all kinds of things, and not just reckless behavior on the driver’s part. And if there is any accident due to any reason, it is important to discuss the case with a personal injury lawyer in Camrose. They understand and defend all accident victims.
However, knowing what the main causes for accidents are is still a great preventative measure and can help you memorize which signs to watch out for while you’re navigating the road.

#1: Lack of Experience

Being fresh out of driving school with a shiny new driver’s license in your wallet can be a euphoric feeling, but passing the driving test shouldn’t give you too much confidence right away. Young drivers have the highest risk of being involved in a collision with severe, if not fatal, consequences due to their inexperience and slower reaction time.

However, even if you are not a young driver yourself, you are still at risk of becoming victim of their mistakes. By watching out for amateur behavior behind the wheel, such as choppy gear shifting or killing the engine at traffic lights, you will be able to spot these inexperienced drivers. And once you’ve spotted them, you’ll know to keep a bit more distance and expect driving errors.

#2: Disregarding the Speed Limit

About a fourth of collisions with fatal consequences were the result of speeding drivers. This is despite all the warnings and statistics being thrown in our faces at every corner. And unfortunately, these reckless drivers are not just a danger to themselves but also to others. When you notice a speeder in your vicinity, be sure to keep your distance and be careful. If possible, you should pull over as soon as possible and report the speeder to the police so they can take care of the problem.

#3: Distractions

Letting yourself be distracted by your phone, the GPS, loud music, or food can have fatal consequences. Statistically, distracted driving ranks even higher than impaired driving which should be a serious reason for concern. However, this is also an issue that is easily avoided. Simply keep your music down, eat only when parked, and keep your phone out of reach so you are forced to pull over and park your vehicle before you can access it.

#4:Wild Animals

Wildlife can appear very suddenly, but you must remain calm regardless. And do not swerve. It is important to stop or move very slowly so that the vehicle does not startle any animal.