Expert Legal Representation for Motor Vehicle Accident Victims In Leduc, Camrose & Cochrane

It’s well documented that a large percentage of personal injury claims are attributed to motor vehicle accidents throughout Alberta Province.  While some individuals are fortunate to escape with a few bruises and cuts, others are not so lucky and sustain debilitating, catastrophic injuries.  Sadly, a small percentage of those accidents are fatal and a family loses a loved one as a result.  Even worse is the fact that many accidents are caused by another driver’s careless, negligent, or reckless behavior.

With years of combined experience and expertise, the BLPC AB Personal Injury Lawyer team is always prepared to handle your personal injury claim.  Not only that but we are attentive and compassionate where your needs are concerned.  From the moment you visit our office for a FREE initial consultation until your claim is resolved, we work with you every step of the way throughout the entire legal process.  Furthermore, we’ll be there once your claim is settled if you need anything during your recovery.


    We protect Your Rights after Your Accident

    Our Alberta-based legal firm provides the most extensive line of client services in the Province.  This enables us to accommodate your needs during your recovery.  We are a client-focused legal firm and pay attention to every last detail regarding your accident and injuries no matter how minor or severe.  When it comes to providing the client with high-quality legal representation, we are very selective about the cases we take on.  We only represent the injury victim, never the large insurance companies.


    Motor vehicle accidents can have long-term and short-term consequences and involve ATV’s, autos, motorcycles, public transit venues, semi-trucks and trailers, and even snowmobiles.  Some or the more common injuries include:

      Back, Neck, And Shoulder Injuries
      Broken Bones
      Head Trauma
      Long-term Disability
      Spinal Cord Injuries
      Torn Ligaments

    Furthermore, personal injury claims for accidents involving the above motor vehicles are classified under one of two categories:

      Insurance claims – collected against the accident benefits found in your vehicle insurance policy
      Tort claims – filed against the driver responsible for the accident

    Furthermore, there are other damages and losses that you could be compensated for such as your pain and suffering.  In this case, your injuries and the severity of them must meet the Insurance Act’s threshold limit which is usually defined by more specific injuries that involve:

      Amputation of a limb (limbs) or severe disfigurement
      Permanent mental, physical, or psychological impairment

    If your injuries involve a permanent or temporary leave from your place of business or work, and you have lost income as a result, you can sue for lost income.  Income replacement benefits may be available under your Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) coverage.  Your Canada Pension Plan (CPP) long-term disability benefits may affect the amount of your personal injury claim.


    For additional information regarding motor vehicle accidents in Leduc, Camrose or Cochrane and personal injury claims, please contact the BLPC AB Personal Injury Lawyers and schedule a FREE consultation appointment to evaluate your claim.  Let us explain your rights to fair and reasonable compensation for damages and your financial losses attributed to your accident.