How Quickly Can Someone With A Personal Injury Claim Get Compensated?

Someone that has filed a personal injury claim witnesses the accumulation of debts. Those represent the costs related to treatment of the claimant’s injuries. Because the injured claimant must remain temporarily out of work, he or she has no way to pay the growing number of debts.

In light of that fact, claimants often ask this question: How soon can I get compensated for my losses? No one can give the person with that question a firm date. Still, those with some legal training can suggest what factors might influence the rate at which the settlement gets reached. Payment of the compensation follows the settlement.

Factors that influence rate at which claim could get compensated

• Is this a complex case? Obviously, such a case does not get settled quickly.
• Is it clear to all concerned who should be named at-fault for this particular accident? Until that becomes clear, the pathway towards any settlement remains blocked.
• Were there any witnesses? Do all of the witnesses have a similar story? If the witnesses have conflicting stories, it will take some time to determine the amount of a fair compensation.
• How long will it take to diagnose and treat the injuries? Is there a chance that additional medical problems could become apparent, so that those must be added to the ones already identified?
• Does the plaintiff have any pre-existing conditions? If the defense team becomes aware of such pre-exiting conditions, the pre-settlement negotiations could go on for close to 2 years.

Actions that the claimant can take, in order to speed the rate at which the compensation becomes available

• Take photographs of the scene of the accident
• Get the names and contact information for any witnesses
• See a physician as soon as possible, so that obvious injuries can be examined
• Follow the instructions given by the doctor that has come up with a treatment program
• Gather all relevant information and share that same information with a personal injury lawyer in Cochrane.
• Work with the chosen lawyer to obtain even more evidence.
• Work with attorney to prepare for an independent medical exam, if one is scheduled

If the injuries are disabling, work with an attorney to determine the money that will be lost in the future, when you cannot return to work.

Avoid visiting any social media networks, since that could aid the posting of a picture that the defense might use to fight the claims made by the injured party

Obtain and use a calendar, so that no important date gets overlooked. If you do not file a claim before the statute of limitations has passed, you will have to drop your case. Then you will have to abandon any hope for getting money.