Sources of Required Funds Following An Automobile Accident

An accident can destroy properties and certain body parts. Money must be sought, in order to pay for repairs or treatments. Residents of Alberta and obtain funds from several different source, after becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident.

How to obtain funds for repairing a damaged vehicle?

Personal injury lawyer in Camrose and Cochrane knows that if the owner of that damaged vehicle has collision coverage, the insurance company provides the money for the repairs, minus the deductible. The size of that deductible should be stated in the terms for the policy that was purchased by the vehicle’s owner. Money for repairs comes from the insurance company of the at-fault driver, if that same driver has purchased automobile insurance.

The source of funds for covering medical expenses:

In Alberta minor injuries are covered by Section B. If an injury is not minor, must seek available compensation from a private insurance. Sometimes Section B covers part but not all of the medical expenses, In that situation, the monetary payment that was not reimbursed can trigger submission of an application to the Motor Vehicle Accidents Claim Fund. If that application gets rejected, the injured victim has yet another option. He or she has the right to initiate a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible driver.

How to get compensated for a loss of income?

In Alberta, injured workers that suffer a loss of income can seek Section B benefits. If those prove insufficient, the injured worker has several other options. An insured employer can seek money from a company’s employment insurance. In addition to that source, money can be sought from the Canada Pension Plan. If the Pension Plan cannot serve as a source of funds, 2 other options need to be examined.

One of those options can be found by locating information on Workers’ Compensation Benefits. Study the qualifications for receipt of such benefits.

The final option is similar to the last-choice option for the victim that needs help with paying for medical expenses. This last option involves utilization of the legal system. The victim must initiate a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party.

Because the injury got sustained during a motor vehicle accident, there is a good chance that the responsible party has been identified. Of course, if the victim got injured during a hit-and-run incident, it would be almost impossible to pursue that final option. Still, maybe some other party can be named partly responsible for the injury-causing collision.

In the above instance, it would be the lawyer’s job to search for someone else that might be named partly responsible. The lawyer could study video footage and interview witnesses. In that way the existence of a previously unrecognized party might get revealed; thus, allowing for pursuit of a personal injury case, with the discovered defendant.