Will Injury Lawyer Assist You If You Sustain A Work Related Injury And Are Unable To Work?

Work-related injuries happen all the time. If you are ever hurt at work and are unable to work, you will need to know about wage-loss benefits and how they work. This is crucial since you are entitled to compensation which will help you pay for medical expenses and other bills. You may need a personal injury lawyer in Camrose to help you get the compensation you need. This article explains wage-loss benefits in detail, so read on to learn more!

About wage-loss benefits

Wage-loss benefits provide you with temporary income you’ll need to pay for expenses incurred after you get hurt on the job. As mentioned earlier, you may need an injury lawyer to help you get the full compensation you deserve. You file a worker’s compensation claim and will receive 90% of your calculated net wages, if your claim is approved. You will receive benefits until the day you return to work.

When and how you will receive benefits

You will receive a check after you miss your first scheduled shift. Suppose, for example, you get hurt on a Friday and are scheduled to return to work the following Friday, you will receive benefits the following Friday. You can hire a personal injury lawyer to help you receive these benefits only if you are unable to work because of a job-related injury. If you qualify, you’ll receive a check twice a month. You need to work with a lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable about worker’s compensation law because you will receive benefits only when your application is complete.

Calculating benefits

You will receive a wage-loss letter that explains your rates once your application is approved. Your lawyer will tell you that your initial benefits will be equal to 90% of your take-home pay. He or she will also tell you that special rules apply if your net earnings are above or below a particular threshold. The total amount of benefits you will receive depends on your work status (if you are a full-time versus part-time.) If your earnings constantly fluctuate, the worker’s comp office will use a three-month average to calculate your total benefits. The worker’s comp office will use a 12-month average of your earnings if you are a temporary worker whose wages constantly fluctuate.

Benefits structure when resuming work

If you return to work while recovering, your benefits will be 90% of your net employment income which your weekly wage rate is subtracted from. Since every worker can get hurt on the job, he or she should have a basic and comprehensive understanding of wage-loss benefits. This knowledge will help him or her when working with a lawyer for maximum benefits.