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Whether you’ve sustained injuries in an accident in Leduc, Camrose, or Cochrane, it can be a traumatic experience that literally turns your entire world upside down.  While accidents have a way of occurring when you least expect them, we do possess the power to occasionally prevent them.  However, when an accident is caused by another person’s careless, negligent, or reckless behavior, you may have a valid claim against them and sue them for compensation.

Accident victims who have to deal with physical pain during recovery also have to cope with a lot of emotional turmoil.  At the same time while you are suffering, the insurance companies are doing everything they can to protect their bottom line and get you to settle for a great deal less than what your claim is actually worth.  Your best course of action at this point is to discuss your accident and injuries with an experienced BLPC AB Personal Injury Lawyer.


    Determining the Value of Your Case

    One of the first steps we take when handling your claim is to evaluate your accident and the injuries you’ve sustained in order to determine the value of your case or what your case is actually worth.  In personal injury claims, it comes down to the legal concept of “damages” or calculating what your injuries have cost you emotionally and financially as well as physically.  Furthermore, punitive damages may also be included if the at-fault person’s (defendant’s) behavior has been particularly egregious.

    The reality is that assessing damages early on in a personal injury case can be very difficult.  In most situations, until you’ve had time to get medical treatment, receive therapy, and have given your body a chance to recover and rehabilitate, the true value of your case cannot be determined.  Not only could it take you years to recover fully from your injuries, it could be extremely costly as well.  This is the primary reason for contacting us at the BLPC AB Personal Injury Lawyer firm.

    Assessment of Damages

    As experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers, we have resources for ensuring that you receive the proper medical treatment whenever you’ve been injured in an accident.  In certain cases such as motor vehicle, motorcycle, and slip or trip and fall accidents, the injury victim or plaintiff is compensated for damages by the individual who is at fault (a.k.a. the defendant).  In all likelihood, the defendant’s insurance company pays for these damages.

    Fortunately, over 90% of all personal injury cases never go to trial and are settled out of court.  However, if we cannot settle your case in negotiations with the other party, then we will be fully prepared to present your claim to a judge and jury.  Once your BLPC AB Personal Injury Lawyer has received all of your medical information and reports, they will have everything needed to assess the true value of your case and establish the amount of compensation you are asking for.

    Common Types of Damages

    Damages in an Leduc, Camrose, or Cochrane personal injury case are classified as either “compensatory” or “punitive.”  While the former is intended to compensate the plaintiff for their injuries and any financial loss attributed to them, punitive damages are set in order to punish the defendant for their careless, negligent, or reckless behavior.  By placing a dollar amount on the consequences of your accident, compensatory damages are awarded in order to make you financially whole again.

    Furthermore, some compensatory damages can be relatively easy to quantify while others can be more difficult to calculate.  Some of the more common damages that the BLPC AB Personal Injury Lawyer firm pursues in these cases include:

       Emotional distress
       Home maintenance and housekeeping services
       Hospital and medical treatment
       Loss of companionship

       Loss of enjoyment
       Lost income (past and future)
       Pain and suffering
       Property damage and loss

    Conversely, punitive damages arise from a rationale that is considerably different from the justification of compensatory or pecuniary damages.  When a defendant’s behavior is deemed outrageously careless or particularly egregious, punitive damages will be awarded for the sole purpose of hurting their purse or wallet.

    If you or a loved one was recently injured in an accident and you feel the defendant could have prevented it, don’t hesitate to call BLPC AB Personal Injury Lawyerr and schedule a FREE consultation appointment.