Dog Bites

Dog Bites Injury Experts in Leduc, Camrose & Cochrane

Children are more likely to get bitten than adults.  The victim could also suffer emotional and psychological trauma such as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) in addition to their physical wounds.  One way or the other, dog bites can result in injuries ranging from minor where the skin is barely broken to life-changing injuries such as:

Crushed Bones
Nerve Damage
Permanent Scarring

If you were or a loved one was mauled or attacked by a dog and bitten, you may be entitled to compensation from the owner of the animal.  In many instances, the dog owner’s home insurance policy may provide coverage for them in the event of such an attack and injury.  This applies even if the attack and injuries occurred away from the dog owner’s property.

For children in Leduc, Camrose, Cochrane, and other cities, the most serious after effect of their injuries is the scarring that results.  Not only can these last the rest of their lives, they can be permanently disfigured if the bite is vicious enough.  For any child that has to live with this the rest of their lives, there can be emotional scarring as well.  In the more serious child injuries, several plastic surgery procedures may be required.


No matter how obvious your injuries are or how bad the emotional and mental pain you are suffering, the burden of proof in a dog bite personal injury claim still rests on your shoulders.  Provincial Law clearly states that the owner of the animal will be responsible for your injuries and may be liable for paying for your injuries and financial losses that are attributed to them.

When the court is assessing this compensation they will consider a number of factors including lost wages, medical expenses, the need for future surgeries, and how your injuries have affected your quality of life.  For more information about filing a personal injury claim or to schedule a FREE consultation regarding your case, contact the BLPC AB Personal Injury Lawyer firm today.

Personal Injury Lawyers for Dog Bite Victims

We have all heard the expression about dogs being man’s best friend and a faithful companion.  However, there are times when individuals become the victim of an attack and are seriously injured when the animal bites them.  As loving as these pets can be, they can inflict serious injuries without warning.  In many past dog bite attack cases, the BLPC AB Personal Injury Lawyer team has proven that the animal owner was directly responsible for the dog’s uncontrollable behavior.

As far as animal attacks and dog bites are concerned, Provincial Law clearly states that the owner of the animal is responsible.  If a personal injury claim or lawsuit is filed against them, they may be ordered to pay the victim for any damages that resulted as well as any financial losses the victim has incurred as a result of their injuries.  Besides the physical wounds, damage compensation would help pay for the mauling, medical expenses, and scar recovery as well as any emotional duress and mental trauma.