Slip & Fall Injuries

Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers in Leduc, Camrose & Cochrane

One of our areas of specialization here at the BLPC AB Personal Injury Lawyer firm is slip and fall accidents.  These personal injury claims typically arise when a person slips or trips and falls and gets injured, on someone else’s property. They are also referred to as occupier’s liability claims.  We help injury victims in Leduc, Camrose, Cochrane, and many other cities in the surrounding areas that have been injured because of another person’s negligence.

What do we mean by Slip and Fall Accidents?

As the name implies, these accidents result in injuries that usually involve slipping on ice, snow, water, and any other environment that can be deemed as being unsafe.  The more common injuries that occur include:

Soft Tissue Injuries
Muscle Pain

Broken Bones (Fractures)
Torn Ligaments And Tendons


    Any time you fall and injure yourself, the first thing you need to consider is your personal health and safety.  Once you have left the area where you slipped and fell, you need to get medical attention immediately as you may not know how serious your injuries are.  Once you have done that, call the BLPC AB Personal Injury Lawyer firm and schedule a FREE consultation to evaluate your claim and determine what it’s worth.

    Requirements for filing a Personal Injury Claim

    According to Alberta Provincial Law, property owners and managers are responsible for keeping public areas safe for those people entering and using them.  Whether it is a commercial or retail business, industrial property, municipally owned property, private property, or residential property, it doesn’t matter.  According to common law and the Occupier’s Liability Act, the person responsible for the property has a certain duty of care to those people who visit it.

    Slip and fall personal injury claims arise when the buildings or the land they are erected on lack the adequate and proper maintenance, repair, and upkeep required.  This also applies to protecting individuals from dangerous or hazardous conditions.  With respect to the liability involved, the BLPC AB Personal Injury Lawyer team knows what to look for when representing the client.  In addition to maximizing the compensation in your claim, we will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

    Proving Liability

    In many instances, the owner or manager of the property could be liable for your injuries, but in order to prove that they are liable, you and your BLPC AB Personal Injury Lawyer must provide evidence that:

    The property owner or person responsible knew or should have known about the hazard or dangerous condition that existed
    The property owner or person responsible failed to correct it or make the necessary adjustments required
    The injury victim (plaintiff) was acting as expected in a reasonable manner when they sustained their injuries

    While the frequency of slip and fall accidents throughout Alberta Province increases during the winter months, these types of mishaps can occur anywhere and at any time of the year.  For more information regarding legal representation in a personal injury claim, call the BLPC AB Personal Injury Lawyer firm today.